Tweezing is a great way to maintain the shape of your eyebrows. The shaping and length of your eyebrows are carefully chosen and suited to compliment the structure of your face. You may feel a slight pinch when plucking your eyebrow hairs but this hair removal process is very precise, especially for stray hairs, and guarantees a perfect, beautiful arch.

In tweezing, a pair of tweezers is used, which look like tiny metal forceps and which manually pull each hair out by the root.


Tweezing is generally considered as very useful for cleaning up the eyebrow area and removing stray hairs on any part of the face.

How often the re-growth takes place?

Normally it takes three to four weeks.

Is it a painful one?

Tweezing can be a painful process initially. You can see red swellings after the application of the tweezers. The pulling motion can cause ingrown hairs, pitting, or scarring. The unwanted hair grows softer and thinner which makes eyebrow tweezing less painful. Most people say that they actually feel no pain during a tweezing procedure, even the first time they had it done. The more practice you get with the tweezers, the more agile you will become – you will develop a technique so that you don’t pinch your skin.

$20.00 per session