Laser light technology removes unwanted body hair comfortably and safely with long-lasting results. Our highly-experienced staff will customize your treatment with the powerful Apogee Elite Laser from Cynosure. No downtime. Fast. Easy. Painless. Is Laser Hair Removal right for you? Just call us at 212-594-9610 to schedule a free consultation!

Important instructions to follow before, after and in-between the sessions

How effective the results of laser hair removal treatment turn out to be depends on certain guidelines.
To enjoy best possible results, these instructions should be strictly complied with; failing to follow these guidelines can hamper the results.


Laser hair removal works by treating the roots in the hair follicle. For laser to work best, do not tweeze, pluck or wax any hair on the area to be treated, to preserve the roots. Laser yields best results if it is performed on skin not exposed to direct sun. Avoid tanning before and after the course of treatment, to avoid damage to the skin and sustain results.

Although plucking, tweezing and waxing should be refrained from, shaving is fine since it does not remove the roots of the hair. Please arrive for your treatment after shaving the selected body part to avoid additional charges.

The hair removal therapist will shave facial areas before a treatment, there is no need to shave before your visit.


Although it happens very rarely, but in case of a blister or burn, apply a vitamin E capsule to sooth the skin. Bursting the blister can leave a spot on the skin, so do not squeeze the blister. Also refrain from sun exposure as UV rays increase the chances of pigmentation and as a result, may make the laser therapy less effective.

After the treatment, strictly avoid all types of heat treatments like steam, hot showers and baths, and sauna for two to three days. Avoid wearing make-up for the next 24 hours after a laser hair removal session. Also, for at least the first forty-eight hours stay away from wearing any type of perfumed products.

To soothe the skin, you can apply Aloe Vera after the treatment. Non-fragranced sunscreen with SPF 20 may also be applied and is necessary if you are exposed to strong sunlight.

How many sessions are required for removing facial and body hair?

If a customer wants to permanently get rid of body hair, they need to undergo at least six to eight laser hair removal sessions, a 90% permanent reduction in hair growth is the typical result. Laser works best on coarse and dark hair and medium to light brown hair. Although it works for both types, but results are more promising in the former case.

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