LPG Endermologie

LPG Lipomassage picks up where diet and exercise leave off. A proven, unique non-surgical approach to cellulite reduction it smooths fat cells as it slims. Softening the connective tissue that causes dimples of cellulite, it repairs as it evens out uneven skin texture and eliminates fat.

Regular exercise, a healthy diet, weight loss plans…You’ve done everything to lose unsightly fat bulges, but that stubborn fat just won’t budge. Now it will. Lipomassage is a non-surgical solution for stubborn fat, cellulite, and loose, sagging skin. The secret of lipomassage lies in the adipocyte: Lipomassage triggers lipolysis (fat release) in the core of the adipocyte (fat cell).

The secret to a more streamlined body lies at the heart of our fat cells. Scientific research has shown that Lipomassage activates lipolysis (fat release) by stimulating the adipocytes (fat cells) and alpha b receptors to trigger the release of trapped fat. Lipomassage also promotes skin fitness as it smooths cellulite and improves local blood and lymphatic circulation for healthy, beautiful skin. This non-surgical alternative to Lipsosuction requires no downtime and delivers fast results.

$135 for one session

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  • Completely Safe
  • Natural
  • Painless
  • Non-Invasive Alternative to Liposuction

What is LipoMelt?

LipoMelt is the most powerful non-invasive body shaping system available.

Simple to use, safe and fast, LipoMelt delivers effective results in just one treatment. Naturally slim, shape and tone problem areas of the body such as the waist, hips, thighs, upper legs and even the upper arms.

LipoMelt stimulates fat cells to release their contents which are then easily and naturally eliminated by the body.

$115 one session

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