Anti Aging

Anti Free-Radical Facial

Anti Free Radical facial removes and eliminates environmental pollutants/free radicals in the skin that breaks down the collagen and elastic fibers. It will re-balance and illuminate your skin while building strong and healthy skin cells. This non-surgical face lift combats “aging” with a concentrated nourishing minerals ampoule of Vitamin A and E, and Botanical extracts that leaves the skin toned and hydrated.

60 min $95

Neck and Décolleté treatment

Nina’s Neck and Décolleté treatment is necessary for firmer skin. This treatment is enriched with a powerful botanical extracts to tighten the pores, stimulates the production of the natural collagen resulting in lifted and youthful neck and décolleté area.

60 min $95

Collagen Lifting and Hydrating Eye Treatment

Pamper your peepers and banish dark circles with a soothing eye treatment designed to revitalize the eye area and leave you feeling calm and relaxed. Nina’s Collagen Lifting and Hydrating Eye treatment ensure proper hydration and collagen production for firmer and lifted skin around the eyes providing an amazingly new you.

60 min $95

Collagen Facial

This facial rebuilds the collagen levels of the skin. Collagen is essential naturally occurring protein that is found in the dermis the outer layer of the skin, body tissues and walls of the blood vessels. The lack of the essential collagen level results in a dull, saggy, dehydrated skin complexion following a lack of elasticity with visible lines. The Collagen Facial designed to ensure proper maintenance of the collagen level of the skin as a preventative measure against premature aging of the skin. Leaving the skin with a healthy young glow, firmer and vibrant.

$145 per session

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